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Optimize the Morning of Your Wedding to Look and Feel Your Best

  • By C. Moon Reed
  • Jan 04, 22

Their wedding may be the happiest day of a couple’s lives, but it’s also one of the busiest. From last-minute preparations to entertaining guests to the ceremony itself, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the big day. That’s why it’s crucial to claw back a little time for some self-care before those wedding bells start ringing. 

We consulted three Las Vegas wedding experts—Elizabeth Garcia of Glammed Up Vegas; Joni Torres, manager of Spa Aquae at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa; and Ana Villalpando of Ana Studios Photography to get beauty tips for wedding preparation and how to spend those precious morning hours wisely before you tie the knot. 

Get your zzzzz’s

A good morning actually starts the night before. All three experts agree that sleep is the No. 1 most important form of wedding-day care. No surprise, but going to bed early can be challenging for a bride or groom, especially if they’ve just arrived in Las Vegas and feel tempted to hit the casino floor with the wedding party. “You’ve got a lot of people pulling you in all kinds of directions, but it’s really important to put your foot down the night before,” says beauty expert Garcia. She also advises avoiding alcohol and salt so that you don’t feel “bogged down. Your body will thank you in the morning … so you will look naturally better.” 

Failing sleep, get a massage

Sure, it’s ideal to hit the hay early, but if you enjoyed your bachelor or bachelorette party instead, all is not lost for your wedding preparation. “A one-hour massage is equal to about eight hours of rest for your body,” says Torres, our wellness expert. She says that a massage will also “quiet your mind and allow you to take a little bit of a time for yourself.”  

Do yoga or meditate

Wedding morning is NOT the time to try out that grueling spin class. But about 10-15 minutes of light yoga and meditation can help you relax and feel centered, Torres suggests. “It gives you just a little reprieve so you can catch your breath,” she says.

Make a wedding-morning playlist

Everybody focuses on the music at the wedding reception, but you can start the good vibes hours earlier with an upbeat morning playlist. Wedding photographer Villalpando suggests creating a personalized morning playlist on your phone and then relaxing “with some good jams.”  

Eat breakfast 

It may be the only meal you eat on your wedding day. With all the day’s activities, many brides and grooms forget to eat, Torres says. And nobody wants a hangry bride or groom! As for coffee, stick to your regular routine. Don’t drink more or less than you normally would so as to avoid the jitters or a caffeine-deprivation headache. “Coffee tends to dehydrate the skin, but I would never tell a person not to drink coffee in the morning because I’m going to drink my coffee in the morning,” Garcia says. 

Pack a backup snack basket

Villalpando recommends keeping some easy snacks on hand just in case you also forget to eat breakfast. A well-timed granola bar can keep the blood sugar from dipping when the wedding party doesn’t have time for more lengthy nourishment.

Drink water

Good hydration will help you look and feel your best. Not to mention that it will help prevent (or counteract) hangovers. “It’s the desert out here,” Garcia says. “So it’s really really important to stay hydrated.” Out-of-state visitors who aren’t used to an arid climate should plan to drink way more water than they think necessary. 

Stay en suite

Keep the wedding checklist simple by having everything come to you. Room service is just the beginning. Makeup artists, hairstylists and even masseuses can come to your room, so you can replace travel time with relaxation. Garcia says that it’s way more enjoyable to have your “glam squad” come to you than having to go to them. “And the more relaxed you feel, the better your morning is going to go,” Garcia says. Heck, you can make it even easier on yourself by scheduling everything in the same place: hotel, spa, salon, ceremony, restaurant and after-party. That’s the best way to prepare your room for your first wedding night!

Grooms should pamper themselves, too 

Just because you’re not the bride doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look your best. With the help of Glammed Up Vegas, the groom can easily achieve a “nice, polished, clean look.” The same is true for the entire wedding party. A glam squad can beautify the whole family.  

Have fun with organization

As a wedding photographer, Villalpando gets a front-row seat to wedding-day best practices. She says that some cute organization can both reduce stress and be aesthetically beautiful. She suggests laying out the accessories the night before on a table so that it’s all ready to go. She also loves to see brides pack a little goodie bag of necessities. “It’s pretty much ready to go; that way, you’re not scrambling around everywhere,” Villalpando says. 

Don’t forget to enjoy it

The key to a blissful wedding morning is advance preparation. The more you do ahead of time, the less you have to worry about the day of. However, once all the hard work is done, allow yourself to enjoy the moment. For example, Garcia recommends bringing a few inspiration photos for your hair and makeup look. Then once you’ve completed the style consultation, it’s all about sitting back and relaxing while the hairstylist and makeup artist work their magic. “We try to really help them remember that it’s their day to soak it all in and enjoy, even just for this hour of calm,” Garcia says. “We love making someone feel so special on one of the most important days of their lives. 

Take advantage of Vegas, baby

You’ve chosen the brightest place on earth to get married, so make the most of it by sending your guests out to have fun on their own for a few hours. You’ll get some guilt-free alone time, and they’ll have a blast. “Vegas [has so many] amenities and attractions that it makes it easy for your guests who are traveling in for your wedding,” Torres says. “No one is stuck doing anything they don’t want to do.”

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