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Vegas Cannabis Weddings Dos and Don’ts

  • By Becca Blond
  • Apr 20, 24

Remember: Clark County strictly prohibits individuals from marrying or obtaining a marriage license while under the influence of any substance, including cannabis. Nevertheless, cannabis wedding receptions are growing in popularity.

Here are the dos and don’ts for incorporating weed into your wedding day.

This year, 420 is a “magic date,” one of the unique numerical patterns like 7/7/2007 and 11/11/2011 that have long played a part in Las Vegas wedding culture. Cannabis lovers planning a weed wedding get their special date when “420” forms a palindrome of 4/20/2024 or 4-2-0-2-0-2-4, which reads the same forward and backward. Additionally, 420 falls on a Saturday just two months after Las Vegas’ first regulated cannabis consumption lounge opened. If you plan to tie the knot in Vegas on one of the world’s most recognized countercultural celebrations, just remember these dos and don’ts before smoking up. 

Don’t get high before or during the ceremony

Do not wake and bake on your wedding day, save the consumption for after the ceremony. Clark County strictly prohibits individuals from marrying or obtaining a marriage license while under the influence of any substance, including cannabis.

Do check the venue is cannabis friendly

This one should be a given, but if you plan to smoke or vape at your reception, you will want to make sure the venue you book is cannabis friendly. Luckily, Las Vegas has numerous unique options, including growhouses, dispensaries and consumption lounges. If you want something more traditional, private venues like the Rhythms Events Center allow you to get high onsite.

Do have a cannabis bar

Cannabis bars are the latest trend in weed weddings. Instead of hiring a bartender, you’ll want to book a budtender and select a range of products for guests. You’ll want to include a lot of variety with different strains for different types of highs, and make sure to include at least one low-THC, high-CBD option to appeal to the cannacurious. Also, make sure to have a variety of ways to imbibe on hand, from joints to buds to vapes and edibles. Hiring a budtender instead of just laying out the goods is not only the responsible way to go but also creates a more glam and curated experience. Plus, the budtender will be able to help educate cannabis newbies on the effects of different strains, the importance of terpenes, and the difference between smoking and eating marijuana.

Don’t infuse the wedding cake without telling your guests

It is not cool to get your guests high without their knowledge, so before infusing your wedding cake or any of the food you are serving with cannabis, make sure all your guests know what to eat and what to avoid. We don’t recommend serving a weed wedding cake regardless. While cool in concept, your guests will all have different tolerance levels, and getting dosing consistent throughout a wedding cake is also tricky. You don’t want to worry about your in-laws climbing up walls after one-to-many pieces of cake. Stick to a traditional cake and offer your guests 5mg edibles instead.

Do incorporate cannabis into floral arrangements

Another 420 wedding trend is incorporating weed into floral arrangements. Swap out traditional flowers for cannabis flowers and even nugs in your bouquet, or combine the two. You can continue the theme with your table décor pairing white roses with shiny green leaves. Another fun idea is to give the wedding party cannabis bouquets and boutonnieres made with nugs that can be rolled up and smoked at the reception.

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