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Here Are The Best Wedding Dates of 2024

  • By Jen Avison Smith
  • Mar 14, 24

2024 is shaping up to be a significant year. The number 24 is already considered lucky for many reasons — there are 24 hours in a day, gold has 24 carats and Jack Bauer led audiences through the nail biting 2000s hit series “24.”

Before settling on a date to tie the knot, there are a few choices to consider when shopping for wedding dates.

Breaking Down Significant Wedding Dates

a couple standing in twilight
The most special day of your life is number 1. Photo by Ella Gagiano Studios


Every culture has their own version of a star calendar, and each iteration is significant. Sometimes, the reasoning for choosing a wedding date can be as simple as selecting the summer solstice — but there’s more to it.

Astrologer Matthew Hennager, owner of Matthew’s Astrology, suggests creating an electional chart to pick the best time to marry.

“How it works is (couples) look through the movement of the planets over a given period of time, and what (couples) do is pick the most auspicious time to open a business or get married … it’s basically creating a birth chart for a given event,” he says.

He advises couples to seek out the services of a professional astrologer for any star-powered counseling surrounding a wedding.

“It’s always best to chat with an astrologer because they’re going to be able to give you a certain perspective, kind of an overall view of how the relationship will work,” he says.


Everything from the moon cycles to specific holidays can hold weight for a wedding stemming from cultural importance. Many religions follow their own holy day schedule, while others look to select lucky numbers or entities on select weeks.


Finding a pattern through numbers in dates is a fun adventure when choosing a date to tie the knot. Matthew explains that charting a numerological wedding can be specific down to the minute, which poses its own challenge.

“(It) can get very precise,” he says, “but (couples) can figure out a certain time in the morning or afternoon so that when they get married, it gives the chart the best chance for success.”

Whether by happenstance or in accordance to a symmetrical combination, the number can matter as much as desired.


Anniversaries are the universal sign of celebrating love. No day is off-limits if the wedding falls on the couple’s dating or engagement anniversary. 

What Is the Luckiest Day of the Year To Get Married?

a desert wedding couple by a vintage car
There’s only one reason to get married: love. Photo by Erin Roberts Photography

For many reasons, August 8th might be considered the luckiest day of 2024. The summer season is in full swing, the Chinese numerical values favor eight and the numerology is spot-on with even numbers and divisibles.

April 4 and 24, 2024 

In Chinese culture, the combination of 2 and 4 proves a fruitful mix. While four is considered unlucky on its own, any addition that equals eight is a guarantee for good fortune, in and out of matrimony.

Math-Friendly Dates For 24

Any couple seeking an auspicious date can agree that a cleanly-multiplied date marks an excellent day for matrimony. 

These special dates are numerical palindromes of each other, Some dates to multiply for 24 — or that includes 24 — include:

April 6, 2024 (4/6/24)
June 4, 2024 (6/4/24)
August 3, 2024 (8/3/24)
December 2, 2024 (12/2/24)

In addition, the 24th of each month is a win for ceremonies this year. Take advantage of one of those twelve perfect wedding days.

Other Lucky Wedding Dates for Love

wedding dates with nighttime ceremonies
Day or night, a wedding is always right. Photo by Tropicana Las Vegas Weddings

Between new moon and full moon days

Any spiritual soul will declare that the full moon brings luck, energy and prosperity. On the contrary, the time around a new moon holds association with fresh starts and new beginnings — perfect for a blossoming marriage. 

Matthew suggests that couples wed during a waxing moon, to allow weddings to prosper during a time of growth.

“A waxing moon is the period between the new moon and the full moon. The moon is growing, it’s getting bigger, and you’ll want to start a wedding during that time,” he says.

He also notes that couples should avoid getting married on a moon void of course, which means that the moon is “not making major aspects to any other planet,” he says. 

These moon details — along with Mercury remaining direct during the wedding time, according to Matthew — are favorable conditions for a successful wedding. 

Friday the 13th

This year boasts two superstitious Fridays, in both September and December. While weekend weddings are more common, weekday weddings can help manage a tighter budget for couples getting married at a lower cost.

Eclipse days

Five eclipses cross the sky in 2024. Expect full or partial eclipses on April 8, Sept. and Oct. 2 and 17.

Any Day You Want

While hitting a numerical milestone is important to some — or following the bylaws of their own practices through religion or otherwise  — the number one day for any couple is the one that is most special to them. 

If you’ve celebrated one of these special days as yours in Las Vegas, post a picture on Instagram and tag us at @vegasweddingcapital

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