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Our Love Story: Ryan and Adriana Pardey

  • By Melissa Gill
  • Sep 09, 23

Lively karaoke nights, four-in-the-morning tacos and the effervescent nightlife in Downtown Las Vegas all played a significant role in Ryan and Adriana Pardey’s charming love story.

Ryan and Adriana

Film by Andrew Miller We The Committee. Shot on location at The Bahamas Suite at Westgate.

Ryan and Adriana became acquaintances in the early 2000s, while Ryan was DJing New Wave dance parties. She delights in dancing, which led her to attend downtown shindigs where her future husband was scratching records. They crossed paths again when he began working at a prominent downtown hotspot in 2008.

“Years later, I was working at the Beauty Bar,” says Adriana. “He started doing some DJ nights, hosting karaoke, my favorite night. It all started with karaoke. We were just hanging out.”

During their interview, the moony couple nestles on a beige couch as the Bahamas Suite provides a graceful backdrop. The Pardeys giddily reminisce about when their fun-loving relationship unexpectedly blossomed into something more serious. Ryan and Adriana’s romance exudes the same fervor as the spontaneous, starry-eyed, neon-lit metropolis where it all began.

Let’s Give ’em Something to Taco About

eating tacos and being in love
Nothing is better than tacos and marriage. Photo by Ryan and Adriana

“We didn’t know where this thing was going. I was not what you would call a contender,” says Ryan. Although, while watching them interact with one another, still smitten as ever, they appear to fit together effortlessly, like street tacos and classic margaritas. 

“We had a really fun time together. Somehow, we just couldn’t stop hanging out with each other. We’d always end the night at Tacos Mexico,” says Adriana. “We just love tacos.”

“We just enjoyed tacos,” Ryan iterates. “This broad just enjoys a good taco at 4 a.m., you know?”

Adriana turns her head away briefly, breaking into a fit of giggles when he refers to her as a “broad.”

Broad?” she says, as her fluttery gaze returns to him. 

Laughing, Ryan tilts his head back and quips, “I didn’t say broad.”

Almost two decades after they met, the endearing couple returns to their old stomping grounds to take engagement photos—a full circle moment. 

“Ten years, twenty years later, we actually shot our engagement photos at that same Tacos Mexico. And boy, were they surprised to see us back,” says Ryan. The happy pair mused. 

Always Buzzing Like Neon

Ryan and Ariana at the Neon Museum
The vibrancy of Vegas love. Photo by Ryan and Adriana

Las Vegas, the Marriage Capital of the World, is where many fleeting romances transcend into neon-lit fairy tales. Speaking of fairy tales, Ryan and Adriana’s radiant wedding ceremony took place on February 16, 2020, at one of the brightest spots in town.

“The wedding location we ended up choosing doesn’t get much more Vegas than this, The Neon Museum,” says Ryan. “A lot of our relationship began in the Downtown Las Vegas area and The Neon Museum seemed like the perfect place for us to tie the knot.”

At their wedding reception, all of their friends attended and enjoyed themselves. The wedding décor for the party was “very DIY,” says Adriana. The newlyweds were not the only free-spirits pouring themselves into this stellar celebration. A “little confusion among the bar staff,” as Ryan puts it, caused what was supposed to be a 2-hour open bar to turn into a 10-hour cocktail party. “The actual ceremony occurred at 4 p.m. and (after) we left,” he recalls, “and there were still people there at 4 a.m.” 

There are many unique wedding destinations around the globe, but there is something rare and electrifying about exchanging vows in Las Vegas. Perhaps it is because, for over 70 years, this dreamy city we know and love has grown to be a place where free birds flock to feel liberated and sparks fly effortlessly on any given night in the most unlikely places. 

“There are no rules,” says Adriana. “In Las Vegas, you can just feel wild and free and don’t have to worry about all the little details.” 

Adriana with a dog, flowers and a pink dress
A pink dress, a puppy and pretty flowers. Photo by Ryan and Adriana

Share your love story with the Wedding Capital of the World and be part of the five million love stories of couples who exchanged vows in Las Vegas, NV.   

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