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Injecting The Romance of Valentine’s Day into the Chaos of Wedding Planning

  • By Lindsey Paoli
  • Feb 07, 24

Love is in the air, and so is the delightful chaos of wedding planning. It’s February, which means you’re on a deadline for the big day — but still trying to maintain the romance of Valentine’s — so allow me to help you blend the two seamlessly.

a couple kissing with a heart card
Enjoy every detail, great and small. Photo by Little Vegas Chapel

In fact, romanticizing the endless tasks and hard conversations of what many couples see as the most stressful endeavor is a great way to set a solid foundation of celebration, love and teamwork, all with the occasional clink of champagne glasses.

The Budget Talk: Because Money Can Be Sexy (Sometimes)

Pour yourselves a drink, sit down and let’s talk dollars and cents. Consider it the financial foreplay of wedding planning – not exactly candlelit dinners but hey, it sets the tone. Embrace the awkwardness, set realistic expectations and remember, nothing says “I love you” like avoiding debt-induced arguments later.

Divide and Conquer Through Chaos: The Art of Tactical Teamwork

Wedding planning isn’t just about love; it’s the ultimate team-building exercise. Identify your strengths – who’s the logistics guru and who’s the creative genius? Divide tasks accordingly, and witness the emergence of a power couple. This isn’t merely wedding planning; it’s a strategic operation.

Date Nights: I Promise Netflix Will Survive Without You

Amidst vendor meetings and Pinterest-induced sleep deprivation, schedule regular date nights. Keep the romance alive by having clear boundaries around when wedding talk is a go and when it’s off limits – too much of anything makes it feel overwhelming. Because you’re budgeting for the big day, this is a great time to start practicing finding free activities or in-home date opportunities.

Bonus– this skill set will come in very handy if and when you decide to start having kids. Those buggers get expensive!  Remember why you’re doing this – because you’re certifiably crazy in love.

Stress Management: Because Zen is the New Black

Wedding stress is a real thing. Find healthy ways to cope, together. Whether it’s designated quiet time, reading a self development book together, learning to cook healthy meals at home or a boxing class, do what works for you. Keep calm and plan on. Your mental health will thank you in the long run. 

Laugh Like You Mean It: A Prescription for Joy

People laughing among wedding chaos
Laughter is the best planning aid. Photo by Elope in Las Vegas

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when navigating the treacherous waters of wedding planning. I also personally find laughing together to be one of the most romantic forms of connecting and creating intimacy. 

Find humor in the absurdity of the chaos. Allow yourselves to laugh at how overwhelmed you got today about that one tiny detail in the centerpieces that you couldn’t agree on. Make silly decisions, share laughs, and remember that your love story is far more memorable than whether the napkins match the bridesmaid’s dresses perfectly.

The Big Picture Talk: Marriage > Wedding

Amidst the chaos, carve out time to discuss your life beyond the wedding day. What are your dreams, fears and secret handshake aspirations? Remember, marriage is the marathon, and the wedding is just the fancy starting line. Keep the big picture in mind – it’s what makes the journey worth it.

Embrace Valentine’s Day Vibes: Turning Planning into a Romantic Adventure

Celebrate the love that brought you here by infusing Valentine’s Day vibes into your wedding planning adventure. Turn venue visits or cake testing into delightful date opportunities. Explore potential reception venues hand-in-hand, envisioning your special day together rather than stress glaring at each other waiting for price details. Indulge in cake tasting as if you’re on a dessert date, savoring each flavor and creating sweet memories. Allow yourselves to romanticize this process rather than dread it. 

Capturing Love in Every Detail: From Invitations to Decor

rings among roses and a. pink box
Enjoy creating the dream vision for your wedding day. Photo by Amber & Co.

Use this month as inspiration to inject your unique romance into some of the smaller details. Whether choosing invitations that reflect your unique story or selecting decor pieces that capture the quirky feel of the weird bar where you first met, infuse your couple personality and love story into every choice. These details will not only make your wedding uniquely yours but will also create lasting memories for you to look back on fondly ten years on down the road of your happily ever after. 

So, dear engaged couple, embrace the chaos, find romance in the details and remember that the real victory lies in the love you share. Wedding planning may be a rollercoaster, but with a playful attitude, a dash of romance, and a hefty dose of teamwork, you’ll come out on top – champagne in hand. Cheers! 

Lindsey Paoli, MSMFT

The MIND Performance Coach 

The MIND Performance Coach, Lindsey Paoli, MSMFT teaches the importance of self awareness and interpersonal relationships as a key to our greatest success and happiness. She is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, a corporate trainer and consultant, national expert news contributor and co-author of the bestselling book Living a Legacy. She is happily married (after a Vegas wedding!) with two young children and has called the Vegas Valley home for nearly 20 years. 

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