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Our Love Story: Nicole and Pedram Niazmand

  • By Jen Avison Smith
  • Sep 03, 23

For Nicole and Pedram Niazmand, Las Vegas is the past and present of their love story.

Film by Andrew Miller We The Committee. Shot on location at The Bahamas Suite at Westgate.

“We met through a work event — we both weren’t supposed to be there,” Nicole says, “and ended up meeting. It was love at first sight.”

At the time, Nicole worked as a publishing executive for a local magazine. Pedram was artist relations at Tao Group.

The couple wasted no time discussing their dreams and wishes. From their very first date, their future plans came to light.

“We had that conversation literally on our first date,” Nicole says. “I grew up very strong Southern Catholic and so getting married in a Catholic church was a requirement.”

“At first, we were entertaining the idea of a destination wedding … . ” Pedram says, “but [Nicole] had a better idea, of getting our family and friends to come to Vegas, so it’s a destination for them. And we get to show them Vegas, and what Vegas is all about … give them the full experience.”

A Wedding For All

A bride and groom surrounded by family and friends
A bride and groom surrounded by family and friends. Photo by The Light & The Love Photography

The couple kicked off their ceremony at St. Joseph Husband, of Mary Roman Catholic Church in Las Vegas in February 2017. Pedram is Persian, and the cultural portion of the ceremony took place at CliQue Bar & Lounge inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. A wild reception at Marquee ended the evening.

“It was a great venue, because they accommodate a lot of custom events,” Nicole explains.

“All the pre-pictures to lasers and snow and bubbles,” Pedram adds, laughing.

They both agree that Vegas is an idyllic destination to tie the knot.

“I feel like this town is such a classic place to get married. It’s kind of a destination for … love,” says Nicole. “We fell in love here and we’ve created our life here, so I think that’s really special.”

Nicole and Pedram’s wedding is a testament to the city’s versatility in venues and celebrations, a sentiment they shared with us.

“I think people have kind of a one-eye focus of how a wedding can be in Vegas, and it can be so many things,” says Nicole.

Nicole and Pedram Today

A couple holds weddings signs and kisses
Sealed with a kiss on a movie-star day. Photo by The Light & The Love Photography

Nicole and Pedram still reside in Las Vegas. They live a typical “suburban lifestyle” with their two sons aged one and four, and their dogs. Their day-to-day lives are also not without adventure.

“It’s also wonderful living here that, if you want to go out on a Tuesday night to see Lady Gaga or Bruno Mars and [go to] a Michelin-star restaurant, you can,” Nicole says.

Above all, the opportunity to bring their homes together for their wedding made the celebration an unforgettable one.

“We just love living here. It was such a special way to show our family and friends our life here,” says Nicole.

a couple in wedding apparel named Nicole and Pedram walking down the aisle
Walking down the aisle and into forever. Photo by The Light & The Love Photography

Wedding Day

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