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Special Wedding Dates: How to Use Numerology to Pick the Best Wedding Day

  • By Melissa Gill
  • Nov 30, 23

One of the most important decisions a couple must make is the day they wish to marry. Finding the right wedding date might be tricky, but numerology is a helpful tool in deciding which day is best.

Setting clear intentions on what vibrations a couple wants to attract is strengthened when numerology is factored into their arrangements. Even individuals who aren’t particularly spiritual may find themselves drawn to certain numbers and may be curious to learn why.

bricks with dates and shoes
The best kind of numbers game. Photo by Flamingo Cashman Photo.

Michelle Arbeau, a nationally recognized numerologist, shares why numerology is important not only for romantic couples, but how it affects people’s interactions in their everyday lives.

“Relationships are basically the hub of human existence,” she says. “To fully understand and communicate effectively in any kind of relationship, knowing their numbers, for me, makes all the difference in the world. It’s like spiritual DNA.”

To help couples learn more about the correlations between numerology and wedding dates, Michelle shares which month is most popular for weddings, why a certain wedding date this year is trendy and other unique ways to implement numerology into wedding plans.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The Most Popular Month For Weddings

Wedding bells ring everyday, but there is a particular month every year that most couples prefer to tie the knot. It makes sense why this time of year is popular when one learns the meaning behind its number. According to numerology, this month’s number represents Venus, symbolizing a union between partners and creative expression. 

“June is the prime month for weddings. Six is the number of creativity and creative expression,” Michelle Arbeau explains. “I usually recommend it for families who are having babies and creating a life together because it is not only the number of creativity, but it’s also known as the relationship number.”

However, the most popular wedding date in 2023 is not in June this time around, or even in October, which is another popular month when many couples choose to get married. This year many people are marking their calendars for a special day in September. 

Nine and three are certainly important numbers to remember — because on September 3, Las Vegas is hosting its largest vow renewal event in history. Come to Caesars Palace to take part in a record-breaking ceremony to celebrate millions of marriages. Tickets available here.

The Most Popular Date For Weddings in 2023

A couple that might have used numerology for their wedding

According to The Knot Real Weddings Study, the most popular wedding date for this year is September 23, 2023. The date’s symmetry and balance is part of the appeal, but that is not the only reason why a romantic pair might be drawn to this particular day.

Numerologist Michelle Arbeau shares the numerical significance of this day and what makes it a standout. She explains what makes this month a prime time for tying the knot.

“If you look at September it is the ninth month,” she says. “Nine is representative of the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. So it’s like our unofficial New Year. When September comes, it seems like that fall air makes us want to do new projects and start new things and people chalk it up to the kids going back to school. But it’s really because it’s the ninth month and it’s time to start new things and end old cycles.”

She also breaks down the date’s calculation to provide a more in-depth analysis.

“If we look at this particular date, September 23, 2022,” she explains, “a lot of people are picking it up because it’s a cool date, of course. But if you add it up, it’s actually 21 slash three. Three is the number of unity. It’s about everything coming together, everything coming full circle. I mean, what is marriage? It’s unifying two people together. So it is a really perfect day. And if you want to pick a wedding date in September, it would be a great date for that.”

More Ways to Use Numerology in Your Wedding Plans

When making decisions for the marriage ceremony that contain numerical figures, in addition to picking the wedding day, there are other significant numbers to take into account. We asked Michelle what other aspects of the wedding couples should think about when they are in the planning phase.

When organizing a wedding, there are three numbers to consider. Michelle says the first number is the date, the second number is the venue address and the third number is any businesses that are involved with the wedding. 

“99.99 percent of the time, business owners are like their business names, which is why they picked it. So if they’re very detached, and not warm and fuzzy, maybe that’s not what you want for your wedding,” Michelle says. “Looking at those types of things is very important as well.”

Numbers matter for guest count, too. Read more about crafting guest lists for Vegas weddings and beyond.

Loving the Las Vegas Five

The term “love” is one that comes to mind while discussing marriage. When the meaning of this powerful statement is assessed using numerology, it is translated differently across multiple languages, reflecting the way that it is expressed throughout various cultures. 

“The word love in English is a five, whereas aimer in French is a four. So it’s a different combination, but it means the same thing. However, culturally, it’s exactly on par,” Michelle says. “Because here in North America, we’re not the touchy feely types like they are in France. So it makes total sense.”

To further understand the energy of words, below is a table showing the letter and the number associated with it. Decipher its meaning by adding the business name’s numbers together. 


Fun Fact: If you calculate the city name, Las Vegas, its number is five. This is very fitting because five has a very “lovey dovey” and “erratic” energy, says Michelle. This number also represents the heart, emotions and freedom of expression. 

How to Calculate Life Path Numbers

For those who are new to numerology or need a refresher, here’s a quick crash course on how to calculate you and your partner’s most significant numbers, with details on what each number means. 

First, it is important to calculate the life path numbers, which represents the person one is destined to become in this lifetime. Add up all the numbers in your birth date to find the result, including the month, day and year. After you add them together, a number 0 to 9, or 11, 22 or 33 will be the result, and is known as your life path number. Remove any zeros from your calculation. All numbers are reduced except 11, 22 and 33 because they are considered the master numbers.

Example: If your birthday is July 30, 1988, that would be 7 + 3 + 8 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9. Therefore, this person would have the life path number 9.

Below is a chart that breaks down the basic values of each number to get a general idea of what it symbolizes.

It’s all a numbers game. Graphic by Melissa Gill

Wedding Day

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