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Wedding Capital of the World reveals state of wedding industry for Gen Z couples

Wedding Industry

July 7, 2023

By: Aniya Chamas | KLAS

(Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Wedding Capital of the World’s annual Wedding Industry 2023 gathering revealed the latest wedding forecasts on the Las Vegas wedding industry and Generation Z couples.

At the gathering, presenters included Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya, Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Vegas Wedding Chamber, and more.

The presentation revealed that North America’s current destination wedding market value of $3.493 billion is expected to reach $8.166 billion by 2033, according to the Global & North America Industry Analysis 2017-2021 and Opportunity Assessment 2022-2032.

According to Clark County Clerk’s marriage license data, Southern Nevada accounted for 3.5 percent of the United States’ wedding market share in 2021. Eighty percent of licenses issued in Clark County in 2022 were to out-of-town couples and 14.89% of that number are international couples.

While millennials were the larger part of the demographic to marry in 2022, Generation Z is on the rise as a fast-growing market in Las Vegas, making up 8.9% of the market in 2022.

An industry analysis and opportunity assessment revealed that climate change is Generation Z’s main concern, showing that 57% of its population is willing to pay more for brands that are environmentally friendly.

According to the same industry analysis, 22% of customers stated social media has a big impact on influencing their decisions for destination wedding planning. More than 80% of Generation Z look for unique experiences when traveling, which is why destination wedding professionals should consider finding partners in entertainment, transportation, hospitality, and restaurants to create shared group experiences.

The industry assessment also stated that consumers prefer high-value premium spots, including higher service quality and personalization.

Because Generation Z prefers mobile research and booking, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are the top social media platforms wedding service providers use.

The “premiumization” of destination weddings is quickly gaining popularity.