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Wedding Industry

August 25, 2023

By: Nina King | Las Vegas Magazine

To celebrate 70 years of weddings in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace will host a mass vow renewal, as well as offer a special production show, on Sept. 3

Las Vegas is known for many things, but one of the biggest is its status as The Wedding Capital of the World. Over the past seven decades, more than 5 million couples have tied the knot here, with ceremonies ranging from the simple to the incredibly lavish. This year, Las Vegas has held several events centered around its 70th Anniversary Celebration, which peaks on Sept. 3 with a mass vow renewal at Caesars Palace, and a production show at the property designed specifically for the day.

Although you might not be one of the couples in the vow renewal (VIP packages that included that opportunity were anticipated to be sold out several weeks before the event), you can certainly grab a ticket for Las Vegas Will You Marry Me, a vintage Vegas-style production that features musical performances by a host of past and present Vegas entertainers.

First, participants can head to the show along with other guests—Las Vegas Will You Marry Me was produced, written and directed by longtime Las Vegas entertainment stalwarts Lorraine Hunt-Bono and Dennis Bono.

Love songs from the 1950s up to now will be performed by artists such as Dennis Bono, who will also emcee the event and perform the original song, “Las Vegas Will You Marry Me,” which was written for the production.

Other artists, all well-known for many years for their various roles in Las Vegas’ entertainment scene, include Lorena Peril of Fantasy with a 2000s love song, The Righteous Brothers—Bill Medley and Bucky Heard with one from the ’60s, Travis Cloer of Jersey Boys fame with a ’60s song, Bob Anderson with a song from the ’50s, Earl Turner with an ’80s song, Clint Holmes with a ’90s tune, The Bronx Wanderers with a ’50s song, Anne Martinez with a ’70s love song and Chris Phillips of Zowie Bowie with one from the 2010s.

After the show, the vow renewal occurs, along with the champagne toast and wedding cake from Carlo’s Bake Shop.

There is a dress code (cocktail attire is perfect, and yes, you absolutely can wear a wedding dress) and the event is 18-plus. Come and feel the love.