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Las Vegas wedding chapels’ new rules for reopening: Temperature checks, social distancing

Las Vegas Chapels

May 8, 2020

By: Ed Komenda

LAS VEGAS – It’s one of the most competitive businesses in Las Vegas, but the ongoing threat of COVID-19 has brought together the world capital of weddings in a rare display of solidarity.

Collaborating with the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce, more than 20 chapels united in to develop safety protocols so couple don’t get sick on the big day.

“It’s more than rare,” Melody Williams, of Las Vegas Weddings, said of the 72-hour effort to build a universal code for chapels. “It’s almost unheard of.”

Here’s a look what wedding chapels are doing in Las Vegas:

Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Meinzahn, Getty Images

Staff Members

Every employee must sanitize hands at the start of the shift and throughout the day.

Before entering and leaving the chapel, they must also take their temperature.

If they have a temperature exceeding 99.9 degrees (F), they must go home.

Inside the chapel

All customers must sanitize their hands and have temperatures taken in a “non-invasive” manner.

If a guest’s temperature exceeds 99.9 degrees, they will be directed to an isolated area. Staff will advise them to visit an appropriate medical care facility. Transportation in the customer’s own car or by ambulance would be recommended.

Paying with cash will be discouraged, so customers should come with credit card.

No more than 10 people are allowed inside.

On the floor are markings for social distancing.

A drive-through wedding at Las Vegas Little White Wedding Chapel will run you $10. Jupiterimages/Getty Images.

The ceremony

Ministers must sanitize hands before encountering guests.

In areas of less than 100 square feet, including dressing rooms and smaller venues, guests are limited to immediate household members only.

All documents will be signed with “sanitized or disposable instruments.”

Here are the chapels that developed the protocols:

  • Adventure Weddings
  • Chapel of the Flowers
  • Graceland Wedding Chapel
  • Flamingo Wedding Chapel
  • Lakeside Weddings
  • Las Vegas Wedding Connection
  • Little Church of the West
  • Little Vegas Chapel
  • Little White Chapel
  • Lucky Little Chapel
  • Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel
  • Paradise Wedding Chapel
  • Rainbow Gardens
  • Royal Wedding Chapel
  • Shalimar Wedding Chapel
  • Special Memory Wedding Chapel
  • The Grove
  • The Venetian Wedding Chapel
  • Vegas Weddings
  • Viva Las Vegas Chapel
  • Wedding Chamber Events
  • Wynn Wedding Chapel