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Australian company offers drive-thru Las Vegas weddings at scenic locations

Las Vegas Chapels

June 10, 2022

By: Caroline Bleakley

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An Australian company, I Do Drive Thru, has launched a unique way for couples to tie the knot in a car at a scenic site in Las Vegas. The company was formed after the COVID-19 pandemic practically shut down the wedding industry.

According to a news release, the company launched in Las Vegas Wednesday.

“I Do Drive Thru allows couples to get married in style but importantly, in safety too, offering a service which supports social-distancing guidelines by marrying them in their cars at exciting, scenic destinations. The Aussie brand, which offers couples affordable, ‘Vegas Style’ weddings (bookings via its website) has a definite ‘old-school, 50’s’ feel – with a modern twist.”

Couples can pick from outdoor novelty Las Vegas locations as a backdrop for their wedding. When they drive up to the location they are greeted by the officiant and the ceremony is conducted. Paperwork and certificates are passed in and out of the windows, rings are exchanged, and the company says the couple are highly encouraged to smooch.

(Photo credit: I Do Drive Thru)

The company offers additional services such as photography, live streaming of the ceremony, and classic cars that can be used for ceremonies.

Berlynn Holdmann is very excited to introduce I Do Drive Thru to the United States for the first time. She said, “While having lived in Las Vegas my entire existence, I had never seen this concept brought to life anywhere in the States.

“We’re from a city with a 24 hour Marriage License Bureau, Elvis themed weddings, and an abundance of chapels and drive-thru weddings; but the I Do Drive Thru concept collides all of those unique characteristics of our amazing city and gives couples an opportunity to bring the drive-thru to them anywhere they so choose,” the news release stated.