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Scent of a Wedding: Aroma Retail

  • By Don Chareunsy
  • May 28, 24

Aroma Retail is an environmental scenting company that sells the same type of diffusers and fragrance oils resorts use in lobbies, casinos and other public areas. Cristina Reding founded Aroma Retail in 2017 and started out as a small company on her kitchen counter making candles, room sprays and reed diffusers for hotels to sell in gift shops.

Find Aroma Retail in Las Vegas

Scent is best. Photo by Aroma Retail

Today, Aroma Retail is a 13,000-square-foot factory with Smelly Bar west of the Las Vegas Strip. It does all its fragrance blending and production of scent machines, pure-grade fragrance oils and all other scented products. The company of 25 employees ships packages globally each day, and Smelly Bar is open every weekday for customers to experience the fragrance library of more than 100 scents.

Over the years, Jim Reding, CEO and husband of Cristina, created most of the custom signature scents used by Las Vegas resorts, as well as other national hotel and resort chains. When the website was launched in 2018, Aroma Retail changed the environmental scenting industry by making the diffusion technology and pure-grade fragrance oils. Once only for large resorts, they are now available to the public.

Jim Reding spoke at length about Aroma Retail.

“The conception of Aroma Retail and scents for weddings goes back aways,” Reding said. Reding worked for The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian managing the scent program when it opened in 1999. His career has progressed working for others developing scents for hotels in Las Vegas and other hotels and chains.

Seven or eight years ago, Reding was having trouble finding vendors for candles, so his wife and he developed candle and fragrant oils available to the public via Aroma Retail, and it led to scenting weddings. “The wedding venues and consumer-facing interactions with brides and grooms providing gifts candles and diffusers has become one of the best parts of the job,” Reding said.

Get In the Nose

A gorgeous display demands a lovely smell. Photo by Aroma Retail

Scent-wise for weddings, what is popular right now? “I would say a flower shop smell, like you walked into an old-style market florist shop with a wide variety of floral stems and mosses. It’s a wonderful, deep and rich floral scent. Our Champagne Cheers scent of celebration invented for New Year’s celebrations, and Allure Noir first used at The Cromwell. Its passion, a rich and woodsy scent with a pinch of floral and citrus. It’s not masculine or feminine; it’s passion.”

One of Reding’s favorite scents is Allure Noir. It would be the scent he would choose today if he were to marry his wife. He notes there is no seasonal difference for wedding scents in Las Vegas: “It’s consistent in Las Vegas right now.”  

Could military veteran Reding have imagined that Aroma Retail would be part of his future? “After serving in The Persian Gulf War, I didn’t go back to my hometown. One of my first jobs was as a bread deliveryman to 7-Eleven, then the job at The Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes. It was lucky timing for me. I was told, ‘Jim, if you shave that stupid mustache, you can have the job.’ ”

Branching Out to New Smells

The Redings and Aroma Retail have branched into sports, as well. “We don’t scent the Vegas Golden Knights arena, but we created the scent for the Silver Knights in Henderson, and they [VGK] use the same scent. They wanted it to smell like a theme of conquering, a castle made of stone and steel with leather, musk and a deep wood and evergreen.”

Reding said Aroma Retail scented Lambeau Field for the Green Bay Packers, a cool, earthy and white peat blend. Aroma Retail has developed a scent for the Raiders and a Super Scent for the Super Bowl. These went to a public vote on KLAS Channel 8.

“Viewers voted for a scent of fresh-cut grass instead of mud, leather and, surprisingly, overwhelmingly champagne,” said Reding. He notes that at, people can take the fragrance test and visit Smelly Bar, at the 13,000-square-foot factory, for fragrance exploration.

What’s the most unusual scent Aroma Retail has been tasked to produce? “Knott’s Berry Farm wanted to go all out for Halloween and created an elaborate scene with a funeral,” Reding says. “They wanted a rotting corpse smell – a lot of dirt and organics, what a corpse becomes.”

“The final scent included banana peels with musky dirt and copper for a hint of blood, but it wasn’t putrid. It was interesting striking a balance between sweet and earthy.”

To learn more about fragrances and Aroma Retail, go to Aroma Retail, 5525 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, (702) 780-7370,

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